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Construction Management
The Ferreira Construction Company, founded in 1988 by Nelson Ferreira, President and CEO of the Ferreira Companies, is a $100 million road and bridge construction company with offices in New York, New Jersey and Florida. The Ferreira Group was founded in 2001 as the construction management arm of the company. Much of the earlier work focused on K-12 schools in the state of New Jersey through the referendum process.

Today, The Ferreira Group manages multi-million dollar projects ranging from conventional “bricks and mortar” construction to heavy mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) work ensuring value is brought the customer through application of our professionals’ technical expertise and business acumen.

On-Site Field Management
The Ferreira Group will provide on-site project management and supervision either as a prime to the customer or as a sub-consultant to a third party. With expertise in architecture, construction management and engineering, our field representatives provide more than just conventional construction management. Coupled with our other services, such as building commissioning and energy consulting, we evaluate a project on a comprehensive basis and ensure customers have a project that is not only structurally sound but economically sound as they operate their facility.

Value Engineering
Value Engineering is a systematic method to improve the ratio of function to cost of a project. Value can therefore be increased by either improving the function or reducing the cost. It is a primary tenet of value engineering that basic functions be preserved and not be reduced as a consequence of pursuing value improvements. When bids come in over budget, the Ferreira Group’s construction and engineering experts can assist you in paring down the scope of your project to minimize its cost without sacrificing the integrity of the original intent and requirements of the project. Additionally, through our other divisions it may be possible to identify state and utility incentives to buy down the project costs so that little or no sacrifice needs to made in terms of scope. The Ferreira Group will evaluate these opportunities and assist customers in expediting the funds to perform the work.

Constructability Reviews
Owners and managers of buildings have a great deal of issues with which to concern themselves, all pertaining to the continuous, day-to-day operation of their facilities. It’s critical that they focus on the needs of the tenant or occupant of the space. The oversight of construction projects within and on the premises of their facilities should be left to professionals, working on their behalf and keeping them apprised of progress. Reviewing drawings for constructability is part of the construction management process and is salient to the successful completion of a project. The Ferreira Group’s team of construction management, engineering and commissioning professionals will work to ensure that a project can be built on time and within budget based on the design and shop drawings. We will make recommendations on changes to the documents pursuant to what aspect of a project we are tasked with overseeing, e.g. general construction; mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc. We will work on the owner’s behalf to minimize change orders if applicable.

Facility Assessments
Facility managers and building owners need to budget for equipment replacements on an annual or even semi-annual basis. The alternative is allowing the equipment to fail and replace it when it does using emergency funds - this is not the most advantageous solution. The same is true for maintenance of a facility’s envelope, finishes, furniture, etc. The Ferreira Group will perform facility assessments to put together multiple year plans for equipment replacements and facility maintenance. This process is detailed and requires construction and facility professionals who understand all facets of a facility and can make determinations on when a piece of equipment needs replacement; when maintenance needs to be done on building facade, for example and how much to budget for it in what year, going forward. These projects are typically done on one, three, five and ten year plans.

Long Range Planning / Budgeting
In conjunction with the Facility Assessment process The Ferreira Group will assist in the budget and forecasting of work to be accomplished in facilities. Many business types rely very heavily on their forecasting process so it is important to have professionals to assist so that the proper amount of funds are allocated for future projects as well as for replacements that may or may not be imminent.

LEED Consulting
Working with the team that focuses on LEED and Sustainability consulting, The Ferreira Group professionals will work to ensure that measures being implemented in order to achieve LEED points are successfully executed and identified in the LEED Online process and will insure that, if all factors considered to obtain the points are completed, the facility will achieve the point. This process is usually left up to the owner. The Ferreira Group will manage the initiative.

Energy Consulting
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