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About The Ferreira Group
The Ferreira Group is The Ferreira Company’s Professional Services Division and is a High Performance Building Services Consulting Firm offering a full spectrum of services that include Energy Consulting, Commissioning, Testing, Adjusting and Balancing, Lighting Services, Construction Management and LEED Certification.

The Ferreira Companies are Ferreira Construction, Inc. (www.ferreiraconstruction.com), The Ferreira Group and Noveda Technologies™ (www.noveda.com) with sister company, Vanguard Energy Partners, Inc. (www.vanguardenergypartners.com). The Ferreira Construction Company was founded in 1988 by Nelson Ferreira. Today Nelson is the CEO of the Ferreira Companies and provides the vision for the organization’s growth and expansion.

Currently The Ferreira Companies employ over 200 personnel and have annual sales revenue of over $80 million. Ferreira Construction is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and has a bonding capacity of over $200,000,000. The Ferreira Companies are headquartered in Branchburg, NJ with offices at 5 Penn Plaza in New York City, in Palm City, Florida and in Rockland, Massachusetts. 

Ferreira Group Management
Ferreira Group management brings more than 200 years of experience as facility consultants, designers and managers and have a strong track record of energy innovation. They have extensive first-hand experience with energy management and the planning, design, construction and operation of renewable/high-efficiency energy technologies.

Our principals were responsible for the design and construction the first net-zero electric commercial building in the United States. They have authored articles to professional trade publications and have appeared on television as energy industry experts. Other accolades include numerous energy related awards and one patent (and another pending) in energy efficient technology.
Recent Project Highlights
Our Headquarters - 31 Tannery Road, Branchburg, NJ
The Ferreira Companies completed the construction of our new headquarters building in 2006. This building was designed and commissioned in-house with energy efficiency and sustainability as top priorities.

The building includes 223 kW solar photovoltaic system, solar domestic hot water, nine miles of radiant heat (80 zones), high performance rooftop HVAC units, a 96% efficient condensing boiler plant, integrated web-based direct digital controls (DDC) system and pervasive voice/data/video system with kiosk displays. In 2007, the building was officially recognized as the first net-zero electric commercial building in the United States. In July of 2008 we celebrated our second consecutive year of being net-zero electric.

In an effort to continuously and accurately monitor the performance of the building, our staff developed a system to provide real-time energy monitoring and building performance analysis combined with an attractive, easy-to-understand, dynamic graphic display. This system proved so popular with the many visitors to our building that it was decided to market this product to the general public. This spawned our affiliate Noveda Technologies (www.noveda.com)

World Trade Center Transportation Hub
The Ferreira Group is currently contracted as the Sustainable Design Commissioning Authority for the World Trade Center Transportation Hub. As the Commissioning Authority, we have or will perform the following functions:

•  Review Basis of Design (BDR) and Sustainable Design Guidelines (SDG)
•  Develop the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR)
•  Review of building Energy Model
•  Develop Pre-Functional Tests and Functional Performance Tests
•  Develop a Commissioning Specification and Commissioning Plan
•  Review plans, specifications and submittals for compliance with the OPR

Other / Misc. Projects
The Ferreira Group is currently acting as Commissioning Agent for the Cresskill (NJ) Schools, a project for which we also provided Construction Management services. We are currently under contract to provide LEED Commissioning Services for a new high-rise residential building in Hoboken, NJ and retro-commissioning services for St. Philip’s Academy in Newark.

In addition we provided a 3rd party design review of a geothermal HVAC system design for the Nutley (NJ) Schools and we have provided energy use and facilities operation consultation services for the Newark (NJ) Schools.
The Firm and/or members of our staff have won the following awards for their accomplishments in energy engineering:

•  2007 New Jersey Clean Energy Leader - NJ Board of Public Utilities
•  2007 Environmental Quality Award - New Jersey Business and Industry Association
•  Energy Star Award (2007) - U.S. Department of Energy
•  “Big E” Energy Award - Jersey Central Power and Light
•  New Jersey Governor’s Award - For energy innovation
•  National Award For Energy Innovation - U.S. Department of Energy
•  National Award for Demand Side Management - Energy User News
•  Education Award - Power Sources Manufacturers Association
Optimizing Building Performance
The Ferreira Group wants to help optimize the performance of your buildings’ energy usage to not only lower your operating costs, but reduce your carbon footprint and enhance occupant comfort.

This will be accomplished 1, 2, 3 with:

1.  A Initial Consultation
2.  A Customized Proposal
3.  A Plan

Our comprehensive approach begins with an initial consultation with your staff. In this phase of the effort we listen carefully to the needs of the operations folk, making informed suggestions and working together creating the best plan to meet their expectations.

We then draw up a customized proposal to meet the specific needs of your facility. This entails identifying the issues that affect both the energy use and comfort concerns within the spaces and providing cost effective solutions to reducing the cost and consumption of fuel, water and power and enhanced occupant comfort.

Asking these questions is a good place to begin on your quest to optimize your building’s performance:

•  Does my building use excess amounts of fuel, water or electrical energy?
•  Do I have a leaky building both in terms of energy and noise?
•  Are my heating and air-conditioning systems working at their optimal capability?
•  Are there ways to take advantage of alternative fuels to produce better results and help
  me save on energy costs?
•  How can I implement a recycling program for my building?
•  How can I reduce my carbon footprint?

The Ferreira Group will help you find answers to any and all of these concerns. Our licensed and certified professionals will visit your sites and physically analyze the systems and equipment. They will virtually examine your building’s heart and soul and clearly identify how to optimize its health in terms of energy use and equipment life. We report back to you with our findings and produce a plan to make it better.
Project Focus:
Headquarters - 
31 Tannery Road
Branchburg, NJ
Project Focus:
World Trade Center
Transportation Hub
New York, NY

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